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Industrial Straight Tubular Heater Element

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Industrial tubular heaters are highly adaptable to most applications where electrical heating is required. They can be used in their straight form or bent into various shapes.

Tubular heaters can be used in free air, clamped to a surface, placed inside a groove or cast into metal. These versatile heating elements are available in Steel, Copper, Stainless Steel or Incoloy outside sheath and can be utilized in application temperatures of up to 1400º F.


Design Features

Precision helical wound nickel-chromium resistance wire

Provides uniform thermal profile

Circumferential cold pin-to-wire fusion weld

Ensures robust connection for long heater life

Compacted, high purity MgO dielectric insulation

Extends resistance wire life at high temperatures

Recompacted bends

Provides longer life by ensuring insulation integrity

Tube material choose:




Water, Oil, Grease


Alkaline cleaning solutions, Tars, Asphalt or air heating

Stainless Steel

Corrosive liquids, food processing equipment, Raidant heating


Cleaning and degreasing solutions, Corrosive liquids


Plating and pickling solutions, acid


Corrosive liquids

Typical Applications:

• Metal mold, die and platen heating

• Medical and analytical device heating

• Cast into metal parts and platens

• Cut and seal heads on packaging equipment

• Tank wall and pipe heating

• Liquid immersion & circulation heaters

• Furnace & oven heating

• Comfort heating and freeze protection

• Process air and gas heating

• Thermoforming, curing, drying

How to order?

1,if have drawing, will be very helpful


3,Working temperature

4,material requirement


6,Othe requirement required.

With 20 years experience, Hongtai Alloy is your trusted source for quality industrial straight tubular heater element as one of the leading suppliers of various heaters in China. Providing you with the most competitive price, we welcome you to buy the heater from our factory.

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